I have never said that I was Bro Marc Manalo.  Just like everyone else I needed a pseudonym during that time, as I was not expelled yet.  It was essential to safeguard my family who had church duties and my being a Deacon, President of the Light of Salvation, and a Teacher for the Children’s Worship Service in the Locale of Elizabeth, NJ.  It is not true that I moved to Manhattan, NY as has been reported to discredit me.  It was only in the Locale of Forrest Hills, NY that I was once registered. Before this I was not aware that numerous brethren believed that I was Bro Marc when I used to speak during the meetings and EGMs. According to them, it was because of the “huge resemblance” in our voices (which I never thought about). The fact is, they could only hear my voice and I never revealed my real self just like everyone else who also did not want to be identified. It never occurred to me, not even once to make the brethren believe that I was Bro Marc.  Everything that I had imparted during those meetings were not self-proclaimed but came from our overseer and the Ministers guiding us. Bro Jun Samson, Bro Louie Cayabyab, Bro Joven Sepillo and me were in constant communication.  Indeed, I was the one who led the meetings and the planning (as instructed) with regards to edifying the brethren; it was not to destroy the Church but to give biblical advises to the members as instructed by our overseer. Those counsels are even posted in our website (

Bro Louie knew all along, that I was in constant contact with our overseer and that I always sought his approval then relayed his messages to Bro Louie and Bro Jun Samson concerning administering the brethren.

It came to the point that I had a difficult time dealing with Bro Louie because what he wanted to do was contrary to the instructions I received from our overseer.  He also disliked the fact that I always run to Bro Jun Samson particularly when there is an important message.  He began to ask me questions as if I was obliged to tell him everything that our overseer told me. There were lots of times that Bro Louie mentioned to me to tell our overseer to have Bro Jun Samson be in-charged of the Philippines and to appoint him (Louie) as the overseer in America. He even wanted me to ask Bro Jun Samson to appoint him as the auditor general when time comes. I repeat, I only followed instructions from our overseer.

Sadly, a few weeks after Benito, Atty.Trixie and myself had finally succeeded in having Bro Lowell “Boyet” Menorca II taken out of his detention (?) at Central (?), they formed their own group.  That was when all these shenanigans started, character assassination, destroying my and other key defenders credibility, such as Bro Jun and Bro Joven. Their group started to ruin the RTC, until they came out with a smear campaign saying that I pretended to be Bro Marc. Even though Bro Louie knew the truth that I never said I’m brother Marc, (and as a Minister I respected him so much), he still tolerated the evil actions of his group. I truly trusted him in the beginning. In fact there was a time when I made a way for him to talk to our overseer. But still, even then, Bro Louie has already started detaching himself from the true defenders, and joining forces with Boyet’s group, they began to spread lies to make the defenders believe that I am an impostor pretending to be Bro Marc?

This is the tool they have used to make the brethren distant themselves from me. In one of the posts on social media, a person with the pseudonym Humble Heart said, “we should get rid of Bob”.  They formulated their offensive attack on my credibility. Although it is against our sacred cause to slander or spread malicious gossip against anybody, they managed to instill hatred and disgust in the hearts of their group members and in many other the defenders.  I really wonder why Bro Louie tirelessly involved himself with reaching and calling out one by one for the brethren here in the East Coast to discredit Bro Jun Samson and me accusing us of being moles of the Council/ Sanggunian). One of them and very close to him was instructed to damage my humble image. They continuously posted fabricated and deceitful stories against me as if they have no imperfections,  and never have gone astray.