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This is our take on the article “Marc’s Heresy – Remnant Few Take Two” from the website incdefendersnomore.

The said article started with the “remnant few” issue which allegedly confirms that the said doctrine originated from Ka Marc Manalo, but at the same time admitting,  that Ka Angel Manalo did not have its blessings, support or endorsement.

Hang on a minute … the GPM/incsilentnomore group headed by Jon Dizon, Lowell Menorca, Louie Cayabyab and their supporters are the ones preaching that doctrine, shared to them by Jeriel Nemis whom they claim is the emissary of Ka Marc. This is now the reason the OWEs are accusing the two brothers, Ka Marc in particular of being behind the controversial doctrine.

Is there any proof that Ka Marc himself proclaimed that the defenders are now the remnant few mentioned in Isaiah 1:8-9? Who is the source of this “information”? Did those who made the article consult or get the info from leaders or members of the GPM/incsilentnomore group? It would be unfair to leave everyone guessing and for the innocent defenders to be accused of promoting a doctrine not taught by Brother Felix and Brother Eraño Manalo.

It is crystal clear that EVM’s men continue to demean, tarnish the names of his two younger siblings by dragging them once again, as they have done in the past, into this controversy. But it also can’t be denied that the people behind the (GPM/incsilentnomore) have to bear a great part of the blame for using the two brothers’ names especially Ka Marc’s in their latest claim that they are the “remnant few”.

Why put the blame on the two brothers – Ka Angel and Ka Marc, every time there is an issue or anything they believe they can use against the defenders?  Why is it them who are always the target of their (OWE) unfounded accusations when in fact they have kept their silence from the very beginning in all the accusations hurled against them?.

The problem is, there are so called defenders (GPM/incsilentnomore) who often use or habitually use the names of the two brothers (name dropping) to convince other defenders of anything they share with them, and that’s a fact!  incsilentnomore group continuously  teach about their being the remnant few, thus, dragging Ka Marc’s name to the controversy, though without a word coming from his mouth.

Interestingly, claiming to be the Remnant or the Chosen Few is not something new. Remember the group of aspiring Ministers called the New Gen(s) headed by Jojo de Guzman and his cohorts who went against the leadership of Ka Erdy and were expelled by him? They were the first to claim they are the chosen few, and now, the GPM or silentnomore group claims to be the Remnant few. Is it a mere coincidence? By the way, “The Game of Thrones” has been the favorite of the leaders of the OWE. Ironic isn’t it?

The OWE and the GPM/incsilentnomore , are using Ka Angel and Ka Marc’s name in two different ways and perhaps with two different intentions, but unfortunately, with the same end result, that is, to further and completely damage the image of the two brothers in the eyes of the brethren.

The OWE also accused Ka Marc of planning to announce that he is the true TP of the Church duly chosen by Brother Eraño G. Manalo. How did they know? Are they keeping a “secret” which they are afraid might be revealed in the near future that is why they want to preempt whatever trouble it may cause them?  What is it that frightens, thus, propels them to maliciously spread never-ending issues and accusations against Ka Angel and Ka Marc?

None of the brothers have officially said anything, that is why the continued process of vilifying them makes no sense.

Why not respect their silence or just let the two brothers speak for themselves if ever that time would come? Only then when we shall know if ever there are things to be revealed.

In the face of all these unfounded accusations, no one can blame if someone asks,Is there a conspiracy to destroy the two silent brothers? If there is, WHY?”

NOTE: The rest will be discussed in the next article.