THE TRUTH BEHIND THEIR LIES (voice of a true defender) Part 1

(By: Honey Hathaway re-post)

Money Matters

I have never thought of myself writing about MONEY. Because the last thing I want to do is declare on social media about who I helped with financially. However, I am left with no choice as their attack on me and Ka Bob keeps coming. I have to do this for everyone’s knowledge – which I tried to avoid discussing, that I PERSONALLY assisted Benito Affleck financially since the day they tried to escape the Philippines until they decided to leave the EGM team. Ka Bob BEGGED me to help her financially (dahil sa awa sa kanya at sa kanyang pamilya). Begged? Because i do not know her personally. But for the sake of the EGM team and knowing of the danger her and her family was facing – i helped them from the time of their escape, payment to get out of jail, accomodation since they left the Philippines and helped with their day to day allowances. (I will NOT go through it one by one but if needed, I WILL with all the receipts).

I DID NOT collect money from anyone (as Network54 said), it all came from my personal account. I DID NOT borrow any money from anyone to help Benito, or the first payment for the new lawyer for #36 TS, etc. etc.  I don’t intend to itemise or divulge on social media every single financial help I have done because I believe it is not appropriate.

What Bless Grace Hernandez aka  Benito Affleck forgot to say on her latest post involving our photo together is the reason why I was there with them. Let me refresh your memory Benito (before you all judge me for that leaked photo), nakalimutan mo ba that the reason why i was there is to PAY US$5,000+ for you and your family’s (including Henry Cabe) airfare tickets to Paris? And BOOKED/PAID online your Hotel accommodation in Paris? (which were all never used – but I was still charged for it). Remember it now? But before that, I have sent you initial US$5K for your escape, then another US$5K before you fled to Malaysia.

Need i say more here? I will not resort to any kind of accounting transparency here but if provoked I WILL NOT hesitate to come out with all the receipts from the time you tried to leave the Philippines.

Ka Bob supervised your escape as you told our team through Ka Bob that your life is in danger because your safe house was compromised courtesy of Boyet Menorca.  Ka Bob and the rest of the EGM team was so worried and you requested Ka Bob NOT TO TELL anyone your whereabouts at kahit saang lupalop ka pupunta. Ka Bob coordinated with me to seek financial assitance for your escape, we kept it secret. Even the EGM Team DID NOT have any idea where you are because Ka Bob was so worried about you and your children’s lives plus your companion Henry Cabe aka KINCHAY.

I am the ONLY one who knew your exact location as I have been there personally to assist you. But never I have spoken or mentioned to anyone about it. How could you of all people attacked me like that on social media after all i have done?!

After all of these help from us EGM team you have the nerve to rant against us, Ka Jun and Ka Bob?? What kind of heart you have you are talking about? This is what you paid us for?

And for you Evelyn Malveda aka Phina Panyet aka Anita Kurakot  and Network54, you all have the nerve to question me where my MONEY is coming from? Accused me of collecting money or coming from Sanggunian? I DID NOT STEAL IT NOR BORROWED IT FROM YOU, SO DON’T YOU EVER QUESTION ME WHERE MY MONEY IS COMING FROM. All I can say is – IT CAME FROM MY BANK ACCOUNT!

I will NOT go down to your trashy level but don’t you all dare me and question my financial capability again because i will make sure that next time you do that, I will have my lawyer make use of my money so that I can take you all to court.


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