THE TRUTH BEHIND THEIR LIES (voice of a true defender)

(By: Honey Hathaway)


A lot has been said during the last course of time before the year ended in 2016. It created hate, confusion and a great deal of divisiveness once again within the defenders. We were branded by small minded people as “bulong brigade” or mapanulsol, not realising that they speak of themselves or para mas maintindihan nila “ang tinutukoy nila ay ang kanilang sarili” gaya ng mababasa sa kanilang mga postings na punong-puno ng accusations and sarcasm. But of course they wouldn’t understand that because they think they are always right – we cannot argue with the self righteous people, right?

Network54 have said so much LIES and twisted stories from their “unreliable” sources, but you would have thought that they will do their job to get their facts straight so as not to create further confusion to everyone eapecially the brethren/defenders who constantly attends the EGM.  And, for Benito Affleck to come up with a story entitled “Straight From the Heart” – what kind of heart does a person have who bit the hand that fed her/him?        

Benito always use the name of the siblings in Tandang Sora just to gain sympathy and justify her anomalies and because we are against of what she is doing – swindling, deceiving and taking advantage of the defenders financially. She has no difference to those who claim they are also defenders but their actions are contradictory to the aim and perspective of our cause. Their intention is to destroy the EGM but in  order to do that, they have to discredit, malign and assassinate the characters of those individuals and the true Ministers behind the EGM.

They all know we are among the people behind the EGM. For them to use those baseless accusations, only proves that they are low enough and desperate to do anything against us. That is the tactic of the decrepit and the evil minded.  We would not be surprised if their intention is not only to malign us, but to cast doubt on the image of our ministers and destroy our EGM – which only intention is to HELP AND NOURISH THE SOULS OF THE DISPLACED BRETHREN.

Let me quote my friend’s Tomas Gordon Ramos (Mang Tomas) – on one of his early posts :

“When we are ready to stand for what is right, we are eager to fight to the end… yet a good teacher once taught: “Look before you jump, for before you might be  a chasm”…”

Since you’ve started your accusations, you’ve been forcing and challenging us to answer. Well, your wish is our command. We will not only answer but will see to it that the truth comes out. We  are ready to break our silence for the TRUTH’s sake (to fight for our right to tell you the TRUTH).

Stay tuned.