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April 11, 2016

Beloved Brethren,

Peace, harmony and one sacred aim have been the very essence of our efforts and sacrifices as defenders for a period of time.  I chose to keep quiet for the sake of this peace and for the cause. No one compelled us to be a part of this, but we all believe that we are here because of love, faith and a whole-hearted decision to stand for the truth when we began to realize what was going on inside the Church.  We are absolutely not here to fight against the Church, but to defend and make a stance for the truth.  We are being persecuted but we are not going to turn our back from the words that we received from our Lord God.

I believe the reason we are here and were chosen to defend the truth is because of our love for the Church and our God.  I consider it a great blessing to be a part of this endeavor of helping the brethren who are being oppressed, expelled, and are continuously harassed by the unethical Ministers.  Only God knows the reason I am in this undertaking for He is the only One who knows the content of our hearts.  As I have always said to everyone, I am nothing but a humble servant of God.  The most significant thing in this task is, we are able to look after and strengthen the faith of the brethren especially during the time of our gatherings.  However, it is so sad that there are people who are sowing divisions among the defenders, and have adversely affected our sacred work. But we also consider the fact that most of those whom they have led to believe do not have the right information and complete understanding on what is really happening. They are presently overwhelmed by the pain, confusion, and anger they feel because of what they read, courtesy of those who have their own personal agenda.

I have not posted anything on the social media; nonetheless, I have received all kinds of character assassination but still I chose to suffer in silence.  I decided to keep quiet because I believed it was the right thing to do and that I should leave everything to God. It was also the advice that I received from our overseer. You might have read about the accusations and the deceitful stories against me that are so offensive and degrading but without proofs.  It pained me and broke my heart for the reason that if only all of us would examine what is happening, you will see that what their doing to me is against what we truly strive for.

The condemnation they have cast on me has brought me distress but then again I tried to endure all of these to spare the true defenders from further pain. I am not righteous. I am just like everyone else who makes mistakes.  But because of our sacred work, we try to do our best for the sake of the brethren who took the stance for the glory of God and not of anyone.

Many defenders wrote and told me their desire to post their views or opinions for they are likewise hurt by all the fabricated stories and bashing done against me and the rest of the defenders who yearned for the truth.  But they are frightened that they too might be bullied on the social media.

I believe that in the coming days, you can expect more character assassinations from the other group against me after I answered their allegations. But I will remain truthful that this fight is not about who Bob Caleb Allison (Bernard Garcia) is. This is not about popularity, not a question on who is righteous and who is not or who started it all? We are here because of what God wants us to do which is to firmly defend the truth or the true teachings we received from the true Iglesia Ni Cristo, from the moment we were baptized and received the seal of the Holy Spirit, the very proof that we are the children of God. That is how God will judge us all.

I was moved and encouraged to write this blog to answer all the allegations against me, for the benefit of the brethren seeking for answers and transparency in the midst of this battle for the truth. I intend to answer all your queries concerning what you have read against me. I will not be surprised if they will call these brethren one after another to discredit me and the Ministers who are with us, and to persuade them to join their group.

Our goal is to eliminate any confusion and division between defenders, and stop all character assassinations which damages our sacred cause. May this give enlightenment to the brethren who were cleverly misled by those who have a different objective or agenda. But let us pray for them that they may have a change of heart, so as not to work for their personal agenda but for the true restoration of the Church.

Here is my testimony; it is not to malign anyone but only to tell the truth supported by evidences.


I have never said that I was Bro Marc Manalo.  Just like everyone else I needed a pseudonym during that time, as I was not expelled yet.  It was essential to safeguard my family who had church duties and my being a Deacon, President of the Light of Salvation, and a Teacher for the Children’s Worship Service in the Locale of Elizabeth, NJ.  It is not true that I moved to Manhattan, NY as has been reported to discredit me.  It was only in the Locale of Forrest Hills, NY that I was once registered. Before this I was not aware that numerous brethren believed that I was Bro Marc when I used to speak during the meetings and EGMs. According to them, it was because of the “huge resemblance” in our voices (which I never thought about). The fact is, they could only hear my voice and I never revealed my real self just like everyone else who also did not want to be identified. It never occurred to me, not even once to make the brethren believe that I was Bro Marc.  Everything that I had imparted during those meetings were not self-proclaimed but came from our overseer and the Ministers guiding us. Bro Jun Samson, Bro Louie Cayabyab, Bro Joven Sepillo and me were in constant communication.  Indeed, I was the one who led the meetings and the planning (as instructed) with regards to edifying the brethren; it was not to destroy the Church but to give biblical advises to the members as instructed by our overseer. Those counsels are even posted in our website (

Bro Louie knew all along, that I was in constant contact with our overseer and that I always sought his approval then relayed his messages to Bro Louie and Bro Jun Samson concerning administering the brethren.

It came to the point that I had a difficult time dealing with Bro Louie because what he wanted to do was contrary to the instructions I received from our overseer.  He also disliked the fact that I always run to Bro Jun Samson particularly when there is an important message.  He began to ask me questions as if I was obliged to tell him everything that our overseer told me. There were lots of times that Bro Louie mentioned to me to tell our overseer to have Bro Jun Samson be in-charged of the Philippines and to appoint him (Louie) as the overseer in America. He even wanted me to ask Bro Jun Samson to appoint him as the auditor general when time comes. I repeat, I only followed instructions from our overseer.

Sadly, a few weeks after Benito, Atty.Trixie and myself had finally succeeded in having Bro Lowell “Boyet” Menorca II taken out of his detention (?) at Central (?), they formed their own group.  That was when all these shenanigans started, character assassination, destroying my and other key defenders credibility, such as Bro Jun and Bro Joven. Their group started to ruin the RTC, until they came out with a smear campaign saying that I pretended to be Bro Marc. Even though Bro Louie knew the truth that I never said I’m brother Marc, (and as a Minister I respected him so much), he still tolerated the evil actions of his group. I truly trusted him in the beginning. In fact there was a time when I made a way for him to talk to our overseer. But still, even then, Bro Louie has already started detaching himself from the true defenders, and joining forces with Boyet’s group, they began to spread lies to make the defenders believe that I am an impostor pretending to be Bro Marc?

This is the tool they have used to make the brethren distant themselves from me. In one of the posts on social media, a person with the pseudonym Humble Heart said, “we should get rid of Bob”.  They formulated their offensive attack on my credibility. Although it is against our sacred cause to slander or spread malicious gossip against anybody, they managed to instill hatred and disgust in the hearts of their group members and in many other the defenders.  I really wonder why Bro Louie tirelessly involved himself with reaching and calling out one by one for the brethren here in the East Coast to discredit Bro Jun Samson and me accusing us of being moles of the Council/ Sanggunian). One of them and very close to him was instructed to damage my humble image. They continuously posted fabricated and deceitful stories against me as if they have no imperfections,  and never have gone astray.


There is no truth that I have been back in the church registry and most of all I am not a returnee.  I am still expelled from the Church.  How did they know that I have been back in the church registry when I myself have no knowledge about it?  The fact of the matter is I was interrogated twelve times before they decided to expel me.  I remember, during my ninth interrogation after the worship service, they asked me to have my picture taken with them. The next thing I knew, someone sent me a text message about a blog posted on the social media that says “We Are One with EVM” – and asked if I knew anything about it or am I aware of what they had done?

I was shocked and thought that it could be their way of showing that I am a “mole” (a spy/double agent of the Council/ Sanggunian) to further discredit me to the defenders. Furthermore, they posted a blogspot about RTC that compromised Bob with photos and snapshots of corporate documents of RTC.

The question is, who gave the lists of names and compromised me who has not been expelled yet, to the Council? Are they saying I compromised myself? Who had the motives and evil plan to get rid of Bob and ruin the EGM after systematically destroying the RTC Fund to the extent that they made despicable accusations against Bob and the other key defenders?

Bullyvendeta_gagoFullSizeRender (3)


I am surprised that instead of being happy that there are brethren were not expelled, they became so sad and even use it to destroy the reputation of their fellow defender who has already suffered so much because of expulsion.  As far as I know, mine is not an isolated case. There are also others whose families were not included in their expulsion. Whatever the rationale is, I do not know and I do not want to speculate.  My family has no involvement with my decision to be a defender.


There is no truth to this allegation. The information I gathered that there would be 300 to be expelled was from the text blasts that Bro Louie Cayabyab’s allies did.  I was dumbfounded that they accused me of giving all the names of those to be expelled to the Council, and allegedly, to return the favor, they gave me a Lexus car.

This is the manifestation of their deceitful lies.  Is it not what the Sanggunian has been doing all along that we are against of?  What happened to this group?  They are now the same with the Sanggunian?  Is this the only way they can think of to encourage brethren to join their group?  I pity them for they have come to this dirty works, to lie and discredit others.


The proof that they are just accusing me, is that they were saying that the reason why Davao group was expelled because of me? Those who attended the EGM knew that they show and introduce themselves on Zoom despite our reminders to them not to use the video if they are not ready yet to be recognized and get expelled.

The Lexus that they mentioned is a second-hand car that I was blessed with from God and I pay for it monthly from my employment without the help of anyone.  It is quite easy to acquire a vehicle in the U.S. (regardless of brand and model), you can get fast approval from the financing agency for a minimum down payment as long as you have a job.  Attached is the proof of the receipt of the car purchase/loan.  This is how Boyet’s group manipulated the social media to defame me and corrupt the minds of those who easily believe and influence them not to attend the EGM…it is really sad that there are such people.




Please follow the answers to all the accusations, read patiently and understand, you will find the answers here who are the people destroying the Church and causing division within the defenders.


I have no knowledge if it actually came from Ecclesiastical Group Meeting (EGM).  How can they tell that it originated from EGM?  Is it because their group (group prayer meeting -GPM) handed it to the oppressors?  At that time when we were not yet using the webinar format, I did not see the names of the attendees and photos of attendees were not being captured, unless there was another group who took screenshots of those who voluntarily showed themselves on the screen. The usual host then was Bro Louie Cayabyab’s son Arvin and he was also the Admin during that time . They should be the one accountable for what they have done and what had happened throughout that time, for it was their platform that had been used.

Hence, I changed to webinar format for the EGM, and thought to myself that it is a better format for the attendees so that those are not yet expelled will not be compromised. Through webinar format, the attendees and their names are not seen, and we also got rid of the “meet and greet” portion after the lesson.  However, Bro Louie opposed it as he said there is no fun without the “meet and greet” portion, the very reason why we had to hesitantly put it back.  But that gave everyone the opportunity to see and recognize one another (and possibly take screenshots). So, I immediately put it back to webinar format and since then removed the “meet and greet” portion which has continued until now to protect the brethren.  We can assure you that as long as we are using the webinar format for our gatherings no one will be compromised or even recognized by just attending.

Note:  The webinar or seminar on the web that we called is a format for the participants/attendees to watch just like watching television We do not see the viewers.  We can only see the usernames of the attendees who only uses pseudonyms.  Just the same, the Minister who is preaching will not be able to see the attendees. You only have to know the webinar ID and you will have the freedom to watch as viewers It is not true that we will be able to see the viewers to think that our webinar has the viewing capacity of 500 attendees on each EGM.

This is the typical picture of our webinar format that we do on our EGM via ZOOM


Bob hacked the emails from the EGM and sold it to the Council (Sanggunian), went to Texas to meet the District Minister (O1 – Bro L. Castilliones?), which is why EGM is not safe?

I was made aware of this news then but I did not give any importance to it, but then again because of the brethren who were led to believe by gossipers, here is my answer:

Truth of the matter is, I have been in many States but never in Texas.  During that time that they said I purchased an expensive plane ticket was Thanksgiving (turkey) Day.  THEIR ACCUSATION IS NOT TRUE, because on that Thanksgiving day, we were in Bro Louie’s godchildren’s house. I was not in Texas.


NOTE:  This fabricated story came from a person using the name of Marie Abbie who happens to be in Bro Louie’s group and one of those who talked to the defenders and “validate” their gossips with more fabricated stories.  The sad part is, they have managed to convince a lot of people despite the fact that he failed to present any evidence (i.e plane ticket etc.).

It is therefore not true that I met with any of the Council member in Texas. It is NOT true that there were emails in my possession. I did not get someone to take the emails from the EGMs.  Bro Arvin was the Admin at that time and he has the information of the defenders’ emails. The main objective of our gatherings is for the edification, overseeing, and counseling of the brethren who were expelled thus longing to be edified and have their faith uplifted.

Bob need to hand over the domain to the other group as he has no right on the domain of the website?

My answer to that issue was done via email address to Nina, and through that email you will find out why there is

What is Restore The Church Fund or known as RTC ? whose idea is this?

Contrary to the allegation that Bob created the RTC, the RTC was the idea and suggestion of Bro Louie Cayabyab which he insisted that I inform our overseer. Because of his persistence, I just told him that we should avoid involving the Ministers to give them protection because RTC will involve money.  Bro Louie named it Restore The Church, but I suggested to include the word FUND because its purpose is fund management and so that people will not think that it is a religion. His assistant Jermaya (Jeslie K.) told me that they have already reserved the name and it is ready for registration. He mentioned that Brother Louie said that there is an instruction to appoint Arvin Cayabyab  as RTCF President. I told him that we are trying to protect Bro Louie because he is a Minister and now we will appoint his own son as president?  So I told Jermaya to be the president, Nina as treasurer and Julie as secretary.  Julie did not agree because she is married to a Minister that is why I was included as one of the signatories as the secretary. RTC was then put together and registered for the purpose of financial transparency, to prevent those who take advantage of the situation using the names of the siblings in Tandang Sora for their own financial gains.  RTC was stopped because Bro Lowell “Boyet” Menorca II and Bro Louie Cayabyab claimed it was “too organized”, yet they formed a new one (H2O). As RTCF was already registered, we had to work together with Ka Joven and Ka Jun Samson to ensure that everything is done in order.  But I had to leave RTC when I was compromised sometime in Nov 2015.

That is when they started their group’s smear campaign against me because of an organized system that we did for the cause in the interests of the brethren whom we oversee, brethren who had been expelled and who are grieving because of what is happening in our beloved Church.

Bob benefited from the Restore The Church (RTC) Fund?  Bob received $3,000/month as payment for his work for the organization and the website?

I am one of those who were given assistance by the RTC. I only received a total of $3,000  and it happened only ONCE, that is why it is NOT TRUE that I was and still is being supported financially by the RTC?  In the midst of the circumstances that I was in when I lost my job and finished my consulting projects. After barely 2 months, I got a new job.  I was the only person focused on working full-time in putting together the duties for the group and helping out in coordinating the incdefenders’ meetings.  I had occasional assistance from them but not as much time needed.  Hence, I dedicated my whole time for the cause that eventually led to losing my job.  Only during that time when I lost my job that the RTC helped me.

That time, I was part of the RTC but left as Corporate Secretary after they had me compromised through a blog spot.

I want to make it clear that I have not even touched the fund, not even a single penny because it was under the safe keeping of Jermaya and Liezl Diaz De Ocampo a.k.a. Nina Aguiluz, who religiously gave financial assistance to Brothers Lowell Menorca II and Kelly Ong (Joy Yuson). They only informed me of who and where they would spend the fund, but other than that I had no control of the funding. It is not true that there are two RTCs. There is only one RTC that has two bank accounts (one for the operations and one for the cause and expenditures); but it was not implemented at all as I left RTC.  RTC does not exist anymore as far as I am aware, but they have another name for it. How they operate it, is not known to me. For further information about RTC please refer to: My email to Nina Aguiluz (Liezl De Ocampo – Treasurer of RTC)

Evidence/Proof the money that helped me out was given back.


Note:  I did not get any response to all my queries in the email that I have sent to Liezl because she knew that everything that was written there is the  truth.

Did Bob Caleb depend on the funding from RTC for his own gain?

In all honesty, I should not go through this process to explain my life to anyone.  Nevertheless, for the interest of the people who were misled and misinformed, here is the truth:

After my expulsion on December 2015, God had blessed me with a new job and started working on the 2nd week of January in a global organization based in New York, it was after I had a meeting with investors in Paris, France for my technology venture.

I readily gave back the amount of $3,000, but because the RTC was already stopped, I gave it to someone who needed help as well.  I sent it directly to a Minister who needed financial assistance for his legal case that was filed against him by the Church.  If you will measure the time when I lost my job and the time I got a new job, it was so short a period of time which is why I recovered immediately and became self sufficient in all our needs.

It is also not true that I asked for a salary from the RTC even though it was supposed to be a part of the plan, because the organization would not be able to afford it. This issue is what they have used to maliciously accuse me of being a “swindler”.  Although I knew that they would gang up on me, I asked brother Jun Samson to give me a chance to answer their allegations in a conference (zoom). They were not able to prove their accusations, instead, only betrayed their devious behavior and intention.

There are Ministers at Central Office in contact with Bob which is the reason they accuse him of being a mole (spy of the Councils)?

It is true that a few Ministers from Central office, USMO, District and Locale had spoken to me. It is because they have learned that I am Bob Caleb of the incdefenders.  It all happened when I was being interrogated.

Before I was expelled there were Ministers who called me from Bro EVM’s office.  They were instructed to talk to me and to give me instructions coming from Bro EVM himself requiring me to testify against RTCF (Restore The Church Fund),  and disclose everyone’s identity in incdefenders.  There were only few defenders using their real names like Bro Louie and Bro Jun Samson, the rest are using pseudonyms and using social media, the very reason why my utter reply was for them to just look at the FB because I had no idea who they are.

The fact is, I was in a predicament having been compromised by phone records came from the cellphone of Bro Louie which was posted, disclosing my identity as Bob Caleb Allison followed by non-stop bashing on the social media (FB). I was asked to report every week to the Locale Resident Minister’s office which lasted for a few months, only to be questioned, insulted, threatened (until I was removed from all my duties) and constantly harassed.  There were times that even in the middle of night I will be called up, and there were also times when not just one person would pick me up at my house to mentally torture and harass me. But with the grace of God I was able to overcome what they did to me.  In some cases, I was told that the Resident Minister was the only one would speak to me but when I arrived, I was surprised to see the Ministers from the Central office, and in some occasions the DM, and there were times Ministers coming from the US Main Office, but I myself was amazed that they still did not expel me during those interrogations.

When I was finally expelled, I realized that some defenders had a different outlook on the many interrogations that I went through (12 in total).  They made up a story that I had a change of heart and that I became a spy/agent for the Council (Sanggunian).  There was an instance, before I was expelled, that a defender Irene Serrano of Sydney Australi approached me and said that I should talk to Brothers Bienvenido Santiago, Jun Santos and Bro EVM for the welfare of the Family of Ka Erdy and for everyone’s peace.  It could be that the said defender suggested it out of their sincere concern for the Church, and really thought that the Family’s reconciliation will solve the problem of the Church.

Irene Serrano  defender was very persistent in persuading me to agree to the idea because of this defender’s access and constant communication with the senior Council member.  I honestly even felt that such constant persuasion is because of one’s love for the Family and the Church. That perhaps Bro EVM also wanted to resolve the problem in the Church which is why they were told to look for me because the Administration would like to send a message to Sister Tenny and his siblings.

I was not aware that Irene Serrano  was already negotiating with Bro EVM to have him talk to me for the sake of the family, in the hope that Bro. EVM and the Council will give them livelihood and the freedom to live on their own without being harassed by the Council.  I had a devotional prayer regarding this matter.

I did not agree to talk to Bro EVM over the phone but I said if circumstances lead us, then I will talk to him personally. This is the reason they arranged for me to travel overseas.  This Irene Serrano and Bien Santiago organized the meeting for me to tell Bro. EVM the objective of the defenders — to have him speak to his mother and siblings. I almost agreed to the idea during that time because of the hardships being suffered by the siblings in Tandang Sora.  One of the conditions as Irene Serrano planned was that, I should talk to Bro Jun Santos first.  But I did not talk to him.  It was too much of a heavy scenario on my part.  At that time, there were constant harassments in Tandang Sora and I was being interrogated almost three times a week.

The plan for my travel overseas and the meeting did not happen. I knew it was not God’s will. It was due to the fact that during one of my interrogations I already felt that they would make me speak to Bro EVM because I have already told them that I do not want to talk to anyone but Bro EVM.  That night when I went home, I immediately sent an email to Sister Tenny through Ka Marc to inform her that the realization of a conversation with Bro EVM was so imminent and thought that the idea is a good opportunity to ask him to talk to his family.  I received a message from Sister Tenny (through Ka Marc) saying, “Mommy’s reply is that she neither allows you, nor disallows you.  Take care of yourself and may God bless you”.

The next days as expected, I was asked to report in our Locale’s office. While I was writing my statement, our Minister suddenly came and told me to talk to Bro EVM over the phone. I was bit surprised but during the course of my conversation with him, I said that the aim of the incdefenders is to edify and care for the brethren who were oppressed and expelled and not to destroy the Church. That his brothers have no intention of defying or going against him, but some with hidden agenda are just trying to use them as their excuse.  During our conversation he asked me if I have any request, then he warned me that I should remember that the Church does not make any compromise. I told Bro EVM that I have nothing to ask for myself, all I ask and plead is for him to talk to Sister Tenny and his siblings.  I failed, because he (EVM) said that his Mother and his siblings should make a written statement saying that they will submit themselves and accept his position as the current Executive Minister. I did also mentioned to him (EVM) regarding the plan of Irene Serrano I have mentioned earlier, but he was not interested. All of those things that transpired in our conversation have been relayed to Ka Marc to Ka Tenny and their reply was “You have done your part, take care of yourself.”

As I was talking to Bro EVM I learned that he already knew me as Bob and my role in the defenders. Bro EVM said, he knew all of our fellow incdefenders; the Council also has knowledge about us because Lowell “Boyet” Menorca II told them (under duress??).  EVM also said that Bro Jun Santos was very angry with me because of the RTCF (Restore The Church Fund) because they speculated that defenders established a new church.  That was when I found out that they are aware about AE  already knew the activities of the defenders because Boyet has communication with Bro EVM especially with the Council/ Sanggunian. His (Boyet) communication with Sanggunian and Ka EVM resulted in continuous expulsion of defenders, character assassinations against me and the other defenders. It was the blogspot about the RTCF that exposed my identity.  The very core of their mud-slinging attacks is to create division between the defenders who make a stance on the true teachings of God.

Our fellow defenders and I had knowledge that Lowell had always been in contact with the Council (we have evidences to prove and we will reveal at the right time), he also report the activities of the defenders to his contacts especially to Bro EVM.  Boyet admitted this to the Ministers during one of their meetings (via zoom) led by Bro Jun Samson (I was there although I logged in a little bit late).  But he vehemently denied when I told him that the Council claimed that he was the one who compromised me by saying, “Even if my wife and daughter die – I swear it is not true!” (but when he escaped, the excuse that he gave was because there was an alleged threat in the life of his daughter). Who facilitated his escape to Vietnam, that quick? Who is funding his expenses abroad the poor defenders?

I will leave you to make your own conclusion as to who is responsible for all this mess and finger pointing and as to who the spy or the mole is? Please give much thought to the fact that there are a lot of defenders that had been instantly expelled, yet those who are with Boyet’s group  whom they use to solicit money -have not been expelled yet.

They hold me accountable for being a spy/mole of Sanggunian on social media?

FullSizeRender (3)

You have no idea what I have been through; what I have sacrificed for the cause only to be judged like that?  Yes, there are a few who stood up and said they are so called defenders but ultimately revealed their personal agenda (we have evidences to prove that certain defenders were reported in exchange of money??).  Be on your guard because these people are the ones who brought disgrace within the defenders and we will expose this matter to inform everyone who caused shame and dishonor to the Church.



God knows my heart for this cause, not because of anyone, not for anyone but for our Lord God.  Because of my love for the Church and upholding the true teachings we received.  There is no amount of money or material things that can buy my firm stance, love for God, love for the Church and my devotion to care for the brethren.  It is more than my life that is at stake on my conviction and principle for the Church.

I have not spoken to anyone of them from the Central Office since my expulsion on December 2015.  The only true Ministers that I am in touch with are Bro Jun Samson and his fellow Ministers with sincere conviction to the teachings of God.

Bob compromised the brethren who deposited money at Chase Bank the reason why they were expelled?

It is NOT true.  We discovered that there is one defender working at Chase Bank who has access to information of depositors for RTC.  This defender got hold of the list of the donors and submitted it to the Sanggunian (who brags about their connection with Bro Benefrido Santiago who was a sponsor at their wedding “Ninong”).  I was informed about this at the time of my 3rd interrogation, Bro Benefrido told me the name RTC which was newly formed at that time and only a handful of people knew about it.  When he mentioned the names of all the signatories including myself, I was speechless.

We thought of filing a complaint to the bank against the said defender owing to the fact that it was an “invasion of privacy” and of “depositors confidentiality” which is against the bank’s rule and government’s law.  This defender is also accountable for the sudden upload of the video on YouTube of Bro Angel and Sister Tenny.

The Ecclesiastical Group Meeting (EGM) and the Global Ecclesiastical Meeting (GEM) 

The gathering and overseeing of the oppressed members are the first and foremost objective that the INCDEFENDERS organized.  It started when Antonio Ebanghelista’s (AE) postings or blog has temporarily halted, when Lowell Menorca II was allegedly arrested in Sorsogon, and jailed in Cavite.  I was advised by our overseer to find and look after the brethren who were oppressed and expelled and whose number was growing.  Edify and counsel them to remain steadfast in their calling so that when the right time comes in it’s God’s, we can all go back to His Church.  If those who read this will analyze what is happening, they will attend the EGM gatherings, because this term came from the Minister who oversees us.  There is no offering or collection of money during the gatherings (EGM or GEM).

The groups that do not use EGM/GEM are not associated with us.  Whatever gathering they have is the result of Bro Louie Cayabyab’s request to disconnect themselves from our group (and there is a proof of this).  He does not accept Bro Jun Samson’s leadership, which he claimed as self appointed. We respected his decision to lead the group in Northern California, but In spite of this, he is not satisfied because he keeps on calling up the brethren outside Northern California.  As a matter of fact we received complaints from the brethren in the East Coast and Europe saying that Bro Louie has contacted them and told them to join them. He appoints them to lead the prayer meeting so that they cannot say no.  They have been asking if we know what he is doing.  We had no knowledge of it.  I thought they wanted to have separate groupings and even compared it to what the first Christians did who had to hide in Catacombs. In fact the reason they gave for going against the EGMs is what they are doing now.

Some brethren are also puzzled because when they asked Bro Louie where Boyet their leader is, his reply is that he is in California with Bro Jun Samson. Brother Jun does not even know he is with Boyet.

On our side, what we consider important is to prepare and perform the gatherings.  It is of one’s own free will, motivated by fervent faith and the desire to feel the strong presence of the Holy Spirit to take part in the gatherings.  As of now, we have different time zones that are established with continuous growth in attendees because of the brethren’s longing to feel the power of God.

Bob owns the dummy accounts Amos Escala, Johnny Concepcion, Wei Gonzales, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Filipina Crisostomo?


Those dummy accounts are NOT mine.  I have not used my only FB dummy account under the name of Robert Carpio since last year because I could no longer remember the password.  Nevertheless, I am busy with my work when I started my new job and had no time for social media.  I found out all the issues being thrown at me only through our fellow defenders.

Many times in our meetings, Bro Louie said that he does not believe that Bob is a mole because he had known me for a long period of time.  Thank you for saying this, but I am just wondering why he doesn’t stop his allies from accusing me as a spy/mole (double agent),  why he denied the fact that I was in contact with our overseer all along ? and why he allowed these people to accuse me of pretending to be as Ka Marc?               I am simply seeking answers to these questions. 

My beloved brethren, there was no instance that I have exalted myself because in the sight of God I am a person of no importance.  I myself could not possibly believe that I would be with this sacred work which is why I consider it as a great blessing from God.  In truth, I felt so lowly and insignificant that I was given a chance to be one of the instruments in gathering and leading the brethren during this time of great trial, for I am not a Minister but a simple member.  I love the Church, I love the Ministry, and I will give my life for the sake of the sacred work given by God. It gives me so much pain witnessing the way our Church is being destroyed and brethren going through oppression and harassment.  I believe that most of us feel the same way the reason why we are all here together for the cause.  We cannot keep away from the emotion of anger and hurt because of what we read and witness with the present situation, however we should think and analyze guided by our faith. Just like the advice that we received from Brother Eraño G. Manalo, “kung tunay na Iglesia Ni Cristo ka dapat kang magsuri“.  I thank God for the small part that I have done because I have proven to Him that I stand for the truth and faithful to Him and our Lord Jesus Christ.

I had a part of the many occasions and activities in the Church and even though I went through a lot of persecutions and sacrifices, I was able to endure and triumph over them all because of God’s mercy.  It is not for the glorification of anyone but for our Lord God.

For those of you who read about the smear campaign against me, please refrain from making any judgment.  I am a person of no importance. What is important is to tell the truth not for you to take my side but to be united in defending the truth.   God will be the One to end the sufferings of His nation.

We all know that the true servant of God loves the Church, defending and standing up for the truth, not without fault but striving hard to be righteous in the sight of the Lord.  We advised the defenders to be very careful in using the social media.  We should not use Facebook to discredit and vilify others.  We should possess the qualities of the true Iglesia Ni Cristo who learned how to be obedient to God, upholding His teachings – this is the true defender of the truth – incdefenders.

Lastly, my beloved brethren after I’ve answered all the accusations, please don’t be mistaken that our cause is to destroy the Church.  The incdefenders is for God and His Church, we are opposed to anyone destroying the Church and we condemn those who dishonor the truth written in the Bible.  I’ve often said that I am a nobody and this cause will continue even without Bob because God knows everything and He will provide.  Our Lord God is leading us in this cause and He will place someone to oversee and care for the welfare of His nation.

I want to share with you what I received from our overseer. Here is his love, his advice and reminder about God’s plan for us:

God has better plans for our own good, let us keep the faith that He still reigns in the Church. He is our defender through His Spirit.

 “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”                                                                          Jeremiah 29:11 New International Version (NIV)

May we all be united in doing good, remain true in our love for the Church to be sure that our prayers will be answered by God.  We love you.

Thank you very much.

Bob Caleb Allison






Ipanalangin Natin Sila na Naninidigan sa Tama – #36 Seige Update

Ito po ang panawagan sa mga kapatid noon.

Ngayon, sukdulan na ang panggigipit sa mga kapatid natin sa loob ng compound ng 36 Tandang Sora. Nasa gitna sila ng panganib. Ipanalangin po natin sila.

Ang panawagan noon ng isang ina ay makausap lamang ang anak niya (ito ba ay paglaban? o masasabing panggugulo)? Bakit ayaw kausapin ni Ka EVM ang mga kapatid niya at sarili niyang ina, at sa halip  ay itiniwalag? Kaya nagkaroon ng maraming katanungan. Kung magkausap si Ka Teny at Ka EVM anong ikinatatakot ng Sanggunian at ng manugang niya? Dahil ayaw makipag usap ni Ka EVM sa sarili niyang ina, hinayaan niya na alipustain, murahin, lapastanganin ng mga Ministro niya at ng mga ibang kaanib ang kaniyang ina at mga kapatid niya sa laman.

Anong lihim o malaking  sekreto ang ayaw nilang malaman ng buong Iglesia? Pinalabas nilang usaping pang pamilya lamang ito, para maitago ang katotohanan ng kanilang pagsalaula sa Iglesia. Pinuno na lamang nila ng kasinungalingan at propaganda ang bawat pag titipon para lituhin ang mga kapatid sa loob ng INC at mag tanim ng galit sa kaniyang ina, mga kapatid niya at sa mga incdefenders.

Hindi po totoo na lumalaban sa INC ang mga incdefenders.

Ang mga kaguluhan na nangyayari at mga pagbibintang na may mga lumalaban daw at nanggugulo daw sa Iglesia ay bunga ng malaking sabwatan o conspiracy nila, ito ay dahil sa pera ng Iglesia at agawan ng kapangyarihan, subalit inihayag ng Diyos ang kanilang mga plano at nakikita nating inihahayag pa ng Diyos ang mga ito.

Maraming pagtatakip at kasinungalingan na pinalabas ang Sanggunian at STF katulong ang pamilya ng kasalukuyang namamahala sa INC. Pinalabas nilang paninira lamang ito sa administrasyon niya.

Dapat malaman ng mga kapatid ang Katotohanan.

Totoo ang malalaking kurapsyon na nangyayari sa INC sa pangunguna mismo ng kasalukuyang pamunuan sa Iglesia. Totoo ang maramihang pagtitiwalag  dahil sa mga nagtatanong tungkol sa kakaibang nangyayari sa INC ngayon; mga artipisyal na tagumpay at propaganda para matakpan ang kanilang kurapsyon. Totoo rin ang pag kakasanla ng mga kapilya at lupa ng Iglesia kasama ang Templo Sentral  at ang pagpasok nila sa negosyo at pagpapayaman gamit ang mga handog ng mga kaanib sa buong mundo.  (May mga resibo po at patotoo ang mga Katotohanang ito – hindi paninira, abangan po ninyo) 

Hindi po totoo na  incdefenders ang sumisira sa Iglesia.

Masisiglang kapatid at mga tapat na Ministro na nagtanong lamang dala ng pagmamalasakit sa Iglesia ang inakusahan na lumalaban at ipinagtitiwalag.

Totoo na ginigipit ang pamilya ng Ka Erdy. Totoo rin po ayon sa batas na wala tayong legal1  na Tagapamahalang ngayon. Ito ang pilit na pinagtatakpan at itinuturo sa Iglesia simula ng mamatay ang Ka Erdy hanggang sa kasalukuyan. Kaya ba nila ipinipilit sa isipan ng mga kapatid ang  “One with EVM” ? Ilang ulit at ilang version pa kaya ng pelikula ng Sugo (FYM Movie)? Ilang video propaganda pa kaya ang gagawin para sapilitang ipapanood sa mga kapatid?  Para ba ito dayain at pagtakpan nila ang illegitimate na leader? Hindi po ba ito ang malaking pagsalaula at pagwasak  nila sa kabanalan ng Iglesia.

1 Everyone must obey state authorities, because no authority exists without God’s permission, and the existing authorities have been put there by God. For this reason you must obey the authorities – not just because of God’s punishment, but also as a matter of conscience.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Romans 13: 1- 5 (GNT)


Mga mahal na kapatid,  ang panawagan lang namin sa inyo ay maging mapagmatiyag sa mga nangyayari. Maipadama natin na bagamat nananahimik lang ang marami ay GISING tayo at nakikita natin ang mga nangyayari. 

Na hindi tayo papayag na habang panahon na lamang na naghahari ang kasamaan at pang-gigipit sa kanino man lalo na sa pamilya ng Ka Erdy sa paraang  hindi tayo lumalabag sa batas ng tao lalo na sa batas ng Diyos. Higit sa lahat ay idalangin natin sa Diyos na makita natin ang makapangyarihang pagkilos ng Kaniyang mga kamay.


ANSWER TO “Treason against God” of

I was trying my best to hold my peace, avoid social media, and just concentrate in our EGMs or Group meetings, caring for those who were unjustly expelled, displaced members and silent defenders, until, someone sent me a link on this article. What made me affected after reading it, is the thought that after all that happened in the Church, many have remained blind and have not yet learned their lesson. They still don’t see the real picture or the true source of the problems that beset the Church. They keep on putting the blame on others. I’ll try to make my answer as brief and concise as it can be. I will also limit my answers to issues that are known to both the expelled and many members of the Church.

Out of the six issues they raised against the “defender ministers,” only the last three need clarification because (to use their own words), “the first three are fairly straightforward. It’s the last three that require further discussion.” Indeed, they do, and may I say to them, “Your wish is my command.”

Accusation: “They all rebelled against the current Church Administration” (despite their) “pledge of loyalty to, and undying love for, the current Executive Minister.” To validate their point, they extracted a part of my Editorial of the October 2014 issue of Pasugo/God’s Message which states:

“ ‘The whole staff of Pasugo/God’s Message magazine, like the rest of God’s people throughout the world, extend our wholehearted greetings and undying love to our beloved Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, whose birthday is on the last day of this month. We make this greeting with our solemn vow that we will always be submissive to and united with him in his unceasing effort to present the whole Church to our Lord Jesus Christ “a glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing, but that she should be holy and without blemish’ at His second coming (Eph. 5:27, NKJV).”

Answer: But it is so noticeable that when they reiterated the quotation from my article, it was limited to or only up to “his unceasing effort to present the whole Church to our Lord Jesus Christ.” They intentionally omitted the ending part of the statement which states, “a glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing, but that she should be holy and without blemish at His second coming.” I am so thankful to God that despite the fact that I made this Editorial in 2014, He willed that the words I have used were complete and easy to understand, with no room for a distorted interpretation.This statement, when read as a whole in its context, says it all—we should be submissive and united with the Church Administrator in his effort to present the Church to our Lord glorious, not having spot or wrinkle, but holy and without blemish. The reason they intentionally omitted this important portion is in order to deceive the readers that ours was “A broken vow” and we have committed “Treason against God.”

But can they honestly say that the Church is being led to glorious state when it is now involved in rampant corruptions and with billions of peso debts? They say, “NO EVIDENCE!” Oh yeah? How then can they explain the fact that the Convention Center has remained unfinished four years after the construction began. I remember vividly what they used to proudly say before launching these multi-construction and multi-billion infrastructure projects, that the Church has sufficient fund to finish them all. What about the plan to get rid of all unsightly and dilapidated houses of worship and replace them with presentable ones before the Centennial of the Church? Isn’t this a case of a mismanaged offering of the Church or better yet, a disappearing fund? JUST ASKING.

Are the members being led to holiness and to a condition that is without spot and blemish when the doctrines and rules of the Church are grossly violated by those who are tasked to prepare the members for salvation?

Since when did it become a practice to list the names of thousands (millions as they previously claimed) of people as “indoctrinees” yet only came to receive “goody bags” during the Church Aid to Humanity (Lingap sa Mamamayan) activities, or to baptize people who have not yet finished receiving the doctrinal lessons or have not received them at all? Now, Who broke their vow? Who committed treason against God who appointed them?”

ACCUSATIONS 5: “They all created division by taking sides in an internal family dispute that pitted the Executive Minister against the expelled family members of Bro. Eraño.”

                           6: “They all preach a distorted version of the gospel taught by the Last Messenger, one that assures those outside the Church of salvation.”

Answer: Defending the family of Brother Eraño G. Manalo from oppression and pointing out the revision he made in the provisions of the Church’s Article of Incorporation, is no way an act of “taking sides in an internal family dispute.” In the first place, this is not simply a matter of “internal family dispute” but more of an issue of widespread corruption and anomalies in the Church. If only those issues were properly addressed and resolved immediately, the problem would have not escalated. What created division is the utter disregard of the doctrines and rules taught and implemented by God’s last messenger and upheld by brother Eraño G. Manalo. Now, let’s see who the true guilty is?

  1. Who distorted the doctrine that the one who should be expelled is “the evil person” and not the one who obeyed the doctrine to expose the works of darkness (I Cor. 5:13; Eph. 5:11)? I am not questioning the doctrines of the Church and the verses used in their article including the doctrine that those who are expelled will be judged by God. But does God approve of the unjust expulsion of those who took the side of the truth and exposed the works of darkness?

2. Who violated the doctrine that we should love each other even our enemies? Who continuously oppress and harass the expelled especially the family of Brother Eraño G. Manalo, cutting off the electrical and water lines, enclosing their houses with high iron fences and barbed wire, disallowing or limiting to smallest quantity the delivery of water, food and other basic necessities, but at the same time spend a great fortune giving aid to the needy as far as Africa? And they have the temerity to accuse us of distorting the words of God. I believe, they are barking at the wrong tree when they used Matthew 7:5 against us, because it clearly applies to them: You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

They said that instead of “discussing our concerns in social media” we should “offer suggestions and recommendations, always driven by love for the Church and respect for the Administration …” HELLOOO! In making this kind of suggestion, they expose their true color—HYPOCRITES. Why? They are the ones who overused and relied so much in social media. They have formed groups of ministers and warriors (mandirigma ), instructed the ministers to have their own FB accounts to malign and character assassinate the defenders especially the expelled ministers and the family of Ka Erdy.

I am not sure if they are blind, or great pretenders, or simply unaware of what many of us have already done “for the love of the Church and respect for the Administration.” Furthermore, they “suggested” that if we have issues about corruptions in the Church, “let the Executive Minister deal with that. That is his duty, not yours, or ours.”

I myself, at several instances, informed the proper Church authority about the anomalies in the Church hoping for actions that would spare the Administration from blame, and the Church from ruin. To name a few: the case of the most wanted fugitive in South Korea; the $100.00 bills “collection”; the jacked up price of rice for Lingap; the padded number (in the millions) of listed “indoctrinees” issue, and I can name more if need be. I regret to inform you that my loud call for action fell on deaf ears. I was instead accused of being the blogger that exposed the anomalies and corruptions through social media. They interrogated me several times, placed me and my family under house arrest, and when we managed to escape, they expelled and began to harass and hunt us down. With God’s help, we were able to reach the U. S. A., but our ordeal did not end. They continued to harass us (all their actions are in the Police records), and again sued me in the Court of Law, but thank God, they’ve lost.

I do not condone disinformation and mud slinging through social media but they cannot  blame the defenders if they resorted to using social media – FB because no Church authority listens. The least they could have done is to make a transparent and thorough investigations instead of immediately saying “no evidence,” and worse, they showed their being biased by investigating, or more appropriately, interrogating those who made the reports instead of those reported.

Hopefully, you will come to your senses and realize that what you are doing, putting the blame on us, will only force us to answer and reveal the TRUTH (through social media). Its all up to you.

 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being priest for Me; Because you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.”                         (NKJV: Hosea 4:6)

THE TRUTH BEHIND THEIR LIES Part 2 ( Mga Sagot Kay Benito)


We are not against sa sinasabi nilang pagtigil sa pagsasagutan sa social media specifically on Facebook dahil noon pa man ay iyan ang aming advocacy. But we believe that the readers, especially the defenders or those who have read postings ng maraming false accusations sa amin should understand o maliwanagan sa totoong pangyayari. Kaya narito po ang kasagutan namin na punto por punto.

Kapag natapos na naming sagutin ang lahat ng kanilang akusasyon ay mananahimik na kami pero kung magpapatuloy ang kanilang mga paninira at malisyosong  postings  na ang labis na nasisira ay ang gawain at nagbubunga ng pagkalito sa marami ay mapipilitan kaming sagutin silang muli.

Benito Affleck:                                                                                                      ” Nagsimula ito ng lumabas na ulit si Boyet Menorca II, noong una po ay maganda ang situation between Ka Bob , sa kanila pong dalawa , ako yung “GITNA”.  Ang pangyayaring tumutugon sa “LEADERSHIP” issue ang naging ugat. Well, tama naman, dahil noong hindi pa nakakalabas si Boyet , Itong si Ka Bob ang gumitna, naging maayos naman nabuo ang mga bagay o nagkaroon ng “pundasyon” ang DEFENDERS , tinutukan naman niya ng kanyang panahon ang maraming bagay-bagay. Pero hindi ito naging sapat, dahil yung nagsisimulang “pressure” sa pagitan nila ay naging “friction” na nag start na ng iba’t-ibang usapan. “

 Our Response/ Sagot :

It is true that Ka Bob led the defenders from the beginning, at marami ang nakakaalam nito including the Ministers.  During that time, patuloy si ka Bob na sumasangguni sa nangangalaga sa atin at sa mga Ministrong nangangasiwa.  Lahat ng communication na galing sa nangangalaga ay dumadaan kay Ka Bob and this can be attested to by the Ministers guiding us.  It is also true na kahit maraming pressure noon ay napangunahan and defenders ng maayos.  At ito po ay during the time na hindi pa nakakalabas or “nare-rescue” si  Lowell ‘Boyet’ Menorca II.

But what really happened? Bakit at ano ba talaga ang naging dahilan or simula ng “friction” between Ka Bob and Boyet? (which Benito didn’t mention on her post kaya misleading ang sinabi niya).  One of the reasons po sa “friction” na alam ni Benito ay, noong nakalabas na si  Boyet ay agad niyang sinabi na walang kinalaman si Ka Bob at Benito sa pagkaka rescue sa kanya.  Ang sinabi niyang tumulong daw sa kanya ay si Sherlock at Vina.  The mere fact na alam na alam ni  Boyet na ang malaking bahagi at nanguna sa coordination ng pagkaka rescue sa kanya ay si Ka Bob, and of course with the help of a lawyer, Benito and Ka Jun Samson. This was proven in one of the meetings with the Ministers where Boyet denied Ka Bob and Benito’s help on his rescue.  Sinita si Boyet ng Ministro doon sa meeting na iyon dahil sinabi niyang walang kinalaman sila ka Bob at ka Benito sa rescue. Para matandaan ng mga dumalo sa pulong ay sa pag-uusap na yaon sinabi ni Boyet na, “hindi totoo yan! mamatay man ang asawa ko” at “mamatay man ang anak ko.” It was also during that meeting that Ka Jun said to Boyet na dapat hindi siya labas ng labas sa safehouse for his own security and his family dahil sa sabi niya ay pinatutugis siya ng “taga-Central” at nanganganib daw sila.  At sa pulong din yon napag-usapan kung bakit nag-text si Boyet sa isang defender na “ipadala na nila sa kaniya ang mga evidences against Jun Santos dahil hinihingi na ni EVM” (bakit niya alam? bakit all along may communication pala itong si Boyet kay EVM na para hindi siya mahalata ay sa iba ibinintang lalo na kay ka Bob at siniraan na mole daw?- paniwalang paniwala naman ang mga naloko nila) Bakit kaya hindi ito binanggit ni Benito sa kaniyang post samantalang alam niya na isa iyon sa pinagsimulan ng tinatawag niya na “friction”? Nabura na siguro sa puso niya ang pangyayari. Sayang, “Straight from her heart” pa naman ang mga ipinost niya.


” Umusbong ang intriga between Ka LM at Ka Bob, totally nahati na, sa original na kasama ni Ka LM , ako lang ang DISTANSYA sa kanya , bakit ? Kasi , nag sticked ako kay Ka Bob. Maraming kumausap sa akin, pero hindi ako naapektuhan. Lalong tumindi ang “isyu” . SIRAAN dito at SIRAAN dun, may nakakarating na mga “negative” isyu sa akin. PINALABAS pa nga na MOLE kami, si IRENE SERRANO, ANITA KURAKOT, si Ka LORNA , ako at si Ka Bob..sige pa rin , hanggang nahati ang EGM at naging 2 flatforms dahil sa isyu.. “


Totoo po na nagkaroon ng gap between Boyet and Ka Bob and that Benito distanced herself from Boyet and his group – pero bakit nga po ba nagkaroon ng gap at bakit nga po ba siya nag-stick kay Ka Bob?  Dahil siya mismo (Benito) ang nagsabi na marami siyang evidences against Boyet at ito daw si Lowell ‘Boyet’ Menorca ang MOLE (tao ni Babylyn? -ayon sa kaniyang intel) at hindi mapagkakatiwalaan.  Dahil sa mga gatong na rin niya kaya lalo kaming naniwala.  And during one of the zoom meetings  na dinaluhan ng maraming mga defenders (ito ang meeting na hinarap ni Ka Bob ang mga kasama ni Louie Cayabyab at Boyet na maraming bintang kay Ka Bob – lahat ng yon lumabas na puro tisimis lamang pala), Benito turned on her microphone and  threatened that she will show all the evidences against Boyet pero maghintay lang daw at may kakausapin pa siyang mga “agents” then lumabas na siya sa meeting  (parang James Bond movie).  Benito also admitted na si Ka Bob ang talagang target na sinisiraan ng grupo ni Boyet.

Hindi lang dahil dito kaya nahati sa dalawang grupo ang EGM (or sabi nga ni Benito nahati sa “2 flatforms” – i think what she’s trying to say is platforms), at hindi gusto ng EGM team na mahati sa two platforms but because Ka Louie Cayabyab was the one who refused to be a part of the EGM dahil sinabi niya sa mga pagpupulong na dapat ay hindi organized” ang EGM na kagaya ng INC kundi dapat ay mabigyan ng autonomy ang bawat grupo.  When Ka Jun Samson was about to officiate EGM for the first time in California ay nagtext si Ka Louie na hihiwalay na sila ng mga taga Northern California (hindi po ang EGM team ang humiwalay para po sa kaalaman ng lahat – sila po ang humiwalay).  That was the time na siniraan si Ka Jun at Ka Bob at tinawag silang mga mole sa social media, and during that time also na ginawan nila ng kwento at pinakalat nila na si Ka Bob ang dahilan ng pagka compromised ng mga umaattend ng EGM at mga tumutulong sa RTC.


Problema, dahil sa sobrang sama ng loob nitong si Ka Bob , umaatake na siya ng “Personal” na never kong hahayaan kung alam ko at sasabihin sa akin sinasaway ko. Kaso hindi lang naman ako ang KINAKAUSAP niya, kahit nag uusap kaming madalas, may iba pa siyang nakakausap. Lalong naging MAINIT si IRENE dahil nga sa isyu na sinisiraan siya ng mga  DEFENDERS so yung personality niya na hindi pedeng pakiusapan ng maayos, bumabanat na sila ng wala kaming alam na iba.” 


At this time na sobrang dami ng lumabas na paninira sa social media kay Ka Bob at sa Ka Jun Samson, sino po ang hindi sasama ang loob?  They vilified him and ruined character assasinated him not only on the social media, dahil gumawa sila talaga ng paraan na isa -isang tawagan pa ang mga defenders (sa pangunguna ni Louie Cayabyab) para lang siraan si Ka Bob.  Is there  no reason for him to be angry at sumama ang loob? It was that Boyet and Louies’ group that started personal attacks against their fellow defenders on social media? Totoong “naging mainit” si Irene Serrano at siya naman ang umatake ng personal kay Boyet at galit na galit sa grupo nila.

During that time totoong maraming kinakausap na defenders si Ka Bob at natural lang iyon dahil siya ang nilalapitan ng mga defenders sa marami nilang katanungan at ang iba ay sa kaniya humihingi ng advice na binigyan naman agad nila ng masamang pakahulugan.

Abangan pa ang mga sagot  sa iba pang mga akusasyon ni Benito.

  To be continued

THE TRUTH BEHIND THEIR LIES (voice of a true defender) Part 1

(By: Honey Hathaway re-post)

Money Matters

I have never thought of myself writing about MONEY. Because the last thing I want to do is declare on social media about who I helped with financially. However, I am left with no choice as their attack on me and Ka Bob keeps coming. I have to do this for everyone’s knowledge – which I tried to avoid discussing, that I PERSONALLY assisted Benito Affleck financially since the day they tried to escape the Philippines until they decided to leave the EGM team. Ka Bob BEGGED me to help her financially (dahil sa awa sa kanya at sa kanyang pamilya). Begged? Because i do not know her personally. But for the sake of the EGM team and knowing of the danger her and her family was facing – i helped them from the time of their escape, payment to get out of jail, accomodation since they left the Philippines and helped with their day to day allowances. (I will NOT go through it one by one but if needed, I WILL with all the receipts).

I DID NOT collect money from anyone (as Network54 said), it all came from my personal account. I DID NOT borrow any money from anyone to help Benito, or the first payment for the new lawyer for #36 TS, etc. etc.  I don’t intend to itemise or divulge on social media every single financial help I have done because I believe it is not appropriate.

What Bless Grace Hernandez aka  Benito Affleck forgot to say on her latest post involving our photo together is the reason why I was there with them. Let me refresh your memory Benito (before you all judge me for that leaked photo), nakalimutan mo ba that the reason why i was there is to PAY US$5,000+ for you and your family’s (including Henry Cabe) airfare tickets to Paris? And BOOKED/PAID online your Hotel accommodation in Paris? (which were all never used – but I was still charged for it). Remember it now? But before that, I have sent you initial US$5K for your escape, then another US$5K before you fled to Malaysia.

Need i say more here? I will not resort to any kind of accounting transparency here but if provoked I WILL NOT hesitate to come out with all the receipts from the time you tried to leave the Philippines.

Ka Bob supervised your escape as you told our team through Ka Bob that your life is in danger because your safe house was compromised courtesy of Boyet Menorca.  Ka Bob and the rest of the EGM team was so worried and you requested Ka Bob NOT TO TELL anyone your whereabouts at kahit saang lupalop ka pupunta. Ka Bob coordinated with me to seek financial assitance for your escape, we kept it secret. Even the EGM Team DID NOT have any idea where you are because Ka Bob was so worried about you and your children’s lives plus your companion Henry Cabe aka KINCHAY.

I am the ONLY one who knew your exact location as I have been there personally to assist you. But never I have spoken or mentioned to anyone about it. How could you of all people attacked me like that on social media after all i have done?!

After all of these help from us EGM team you have the nerve to rant against us, Ka Jun and Ka Bob?? What kind of heart you have you are talking about? This is what you paid us for?

And for you Evelyn Malveda aka Phina Panyet aka Anita Kurakot  and Network54, you all have the nerve to question me where my MONEY is coming from? Accused me of collecting money or coming from Sanggunian? I DID NOT STEAL IT NOR BORROWED IT FROM YOU, SO DON’T YOU EVER QUESTION ME WHERE MY MONEY IS COMING FROM. All I can say is – IT CAME FROM MY BANK ACCOUNT!

I will NOT go down to your trashy level but don’t you all dare me and question my financial capability again because i will make sure that next time you do that, I will have my lawyer make use of my money so that I can take you all to court.


Read the Introduction of this series.

THE TRUTH BEHIND THEIR LIES (voice of a true defender)

(By: Honey Hathaway)


A lot has been said during the last course of time before the year ended in 2016. It created hate, confusion and a great deal of divisiveness once again within the defenders. We were branded by small minded people as “bulong brigade” or mapanulsol, not realising that they speak of themselves or para mas maintindihan nila “ang tinutukoy nila ay ang kanilang sarili” gaya ng mababasa sa kanilang mga postings na punong-puno ng accusations and sarcasm. But of course they wouldn’t understand that because they think they are always right – we cannot argue with the self righteous people, right?

Network54 have said so much LIES and twisted stories from their “unreliable” sources, but you would have thought that they will do their job to get their facts straight so as not to create further confusion to everyone eapecially the brethren/defenders who constantly attends the EGM.  And, for Benito Affleck to come up with a story entitled “Straight From the Heart” – what kind of heart does a person have who bit the hand that fed her/him?        

Benito always use the name of the siblings in Tandang Sora just to gain sympathy and justify her anomalies and because we are against of what she is doing – swindling, deceiving and taking advantage of the defenders financially. She has no difference to those who claim they are also defenders but their actions are contradictory to the aim and perspective of our cause. Their intention is to destroy the EGM but in  order to do that, they have to discredit, malign and assassinate the characters of those individuals and the true Ministers behind the EGM.

They all know we are among the people behind the EGM. For them to use those baseless accusations, only proves that they are low enough and desperate to do anything against us. That is the tactic of the decrepit and the evil minded.  We would not be surprised if their intention is not only to malign us, but to cast doubt on the image of our ministers and destroy our EGM – which only intention is to HELP AND NOURISH THE SOULS OF THE DISPLACED BRETHREN.

Let me quote my friend’s Tomas Gordon Ramos (Mang Tomas) – on one of his early posts :

“When we are ready to stand for what is right, we are eager to fight to the end… yet a good teacher once taught: “Look before you jump, for before you might be  a chasm”…”

Since you’ve started your accusations, you’ve been forcing and challenging us to answer. Well, your wish is our command. We will not only answer but will see to it that the truth comes out. We  are ready to break our silence for the TRUTH’s sake (to fight for our right to tell you the TRUTH).

Stay tuned.

THE TRUTH BEHIND THEIR LIES ( Titigil Na Daw Si Benito ….)

Sincere ba si Benito sa sinabi niya na titigil na siya sa kanyang ginagawa ?

Bilib ako sa timing ni Benito Affleck. Pagkatapos na maidown ang FB account ko sa minsan ko pa lang na pagpopost ng sagot at katoohanan ay saka siya nagdeklara ng ceasefire dahil daw sa utos ng “nangangalaga” sa kaniya. Salamat po sa nangangalaga sa kanya dahil sa pagtutuwid niya kay Benito bagamat the damage has been done. 

Pero kapansin-pansin na pakitang tao lang, dahil kung tunay ang pagsunod niya at paggalang sa nangangalaga sa kaniya ay hindi na siya bumanggit ng maraming pasaring dahil binawalan na nga siya. Para siyang anak na binawalan na ng magulang at sumagot ng Opo pero tuloy din sa kaniyang masamang ginagawa. Lagi pa naman niyang sinasabi sa mga posting niya na siya ay masunurin sa kaniyang magulang.

Ok na sana sa akin iyong paawa-effect niya  na parang siya ang inaapi at sumasagot lang daw  pero alam niya at ng mga nakabasa na sila nina Benito at Phina Panyet ang nagdala ng isyu nila sa social media FaceBook gaya ng sagutan nila ni Phina Panyet pero humirit pa rin ng mga pasaring at kinagat naman ng mga kasama rin nila.

Sincere ba ang taong nagdeklara ng ceasefire pero patuloy na bumabaril? Nalimutan na ba niya ang katagang BACK FIRE?



Alam ng nakararami na iniiwasan ko ang paggamit ng social media lalo na kung ito ay tungkol sa pagsisiraan at pagbibintang sa akin. Gayunpaman, may mga tunay na defenders na nagmamalasakit sa akin na nagpapadala ng mga FB screen shot ng mga postings ng paninira sa akin. Sa pagkakatanda ko ay minsan lang akong napilitan na sumagot, at ito ay noong ako ay pinagbintangan na “mole” daw ng Central upang sirain at maghasik ng pagkakabaha-bahagi sa mga defenders. Bagamat may ilan na di tumigil agad ng paninira sa akin ay minarapat ko nang huwag nang sumagot pa sapagkat sapat na sa akin na naihayag ko ang katotohanan at ang pawang katotohanan lamang. Sa awa ng Diyos, marami ang naliwanagan at ang paninira ay unti-unting napawi subalit ngayon ay muling bumangon ang paninira sa akin sapagkat ako naman ngayon ang pinagbibintangan na sumisira sa H20. Marahil, kaya nila ako pinagbibintangan ay sapagkat nagkataon na bago uminit ang isyung ito ay pinagsabihan ko ang mga nangangasiwa sa H20 na huwag itong ikampanya sa panahon ng mga pagpapanata sapagkat ang pakiramdam ng maraming dumadalo ay parang nasa pagsamba sila na walang ginawa ang mga Owe na ministro kundi ikampanya ang abuluyan at handugan. Sinabi ko pa na ang ginagawa nilang paggamit sa 36 TS sa paghingi nila ng donation ay gagamitin ng mga Owe upang pagbintangan at sisihin ang magkapatid na naninirahan doon. Sinabi ko rin sa kanila na bagamat ayaw kong makialam sa pondo ng H20 ay gawin sana nilang transparent ang paghawak nito at makatutulong kung bibigyan nila ako ng information tungkol sa mga pinaggugugulan nito upang masabi ko sa mga nagdududa na maayos ang pangangasiwa sa naturang pondo. Subalit sa halip na sila ay makinig sa payo ay pinag-usapan nila sa kanilang group chat na hindi raw ako dapat humingi pa ng information at pinalabas pa nila ang isang isyu na ang “magkakapatid” raw mismo ang nag-o-audit nito. Gayunpaman, minarapat ko pa ring hindi patulan ang mga paninira manapa ay pinagbilinan ko pa ang mga defenders na huwag nang makisawsaw at sumama sa pagsasagutan. Gayunpaman, ang layunin ng artikulong ito ay hindi upang pahabain pa ang isyu tungkol sa H20 ni upang ipagtanggol ang aking sarili mula sa mga mapanira, manapa ang tatalakayin ko ay ang nangyayari ngayon na lalong malaking panganib sa kaluluwa ng mga defenders.

Sa isang posting ni Liezl Diaz Deocampo ay sinabi niya na, “It’s time for us to leave the OWE Church behind (ang tinutukoy ay ang INC) and (to) move on towards the true service expected from us by our Lord and by our God.” Sa isa naman nilang text blasts ay ganito ang kanilang ipinakakalat: “It is better for the silent defender to leave OWE because their worship service is abomination to God.”


Ito na rin ang dati nang ipinakakalat at ngayon ay patuloy na ikinakalat ng mga ministrong nangunguna at nangangasiwa sa kanila sa ginagawa nilang pagtatatag ng mga live na pagsamba (at may Sta. Cena pa), at maging sa ilan nilang FB postings. Sinasabi nila na ang mensaheng ito ay ang mismong nilalaman ng “tagubilin” sa kanila. Kung ito ay totoo ay kapansin-pansin ang isang napakalaking pagkakaiba sa “tagubilin” at sa kanilang ipinakakalat. Sa “tagubilin” ay walang karugtong na “Church” ang “Owe” samantalang sa kanilang ipinakakalat ay na-emphasized nila na dapat ay layuan o iwan na ang “Church” o ang Iglesia. Ang paghikayat na ginagawa ng grupong ito sa mga kapatid na paghiwalay sa Iglesia ay pagtuturo ng pagtalikod. Samakatuwid, ang dati nilang ipinangangalandakan na restoration ay naging separation.

Ang nangyayari ngayon, kung sinasabi man nila na sila ay sa restoration pa rin ng Iglesia ay may contradiction sa kanilang sinasabi at nabigyan nila ng ibang pakahulugan ang salita sapagkat ang restoration (na nangangahulugang to repair or renovate) ay dapat sa Iglesia o sa loob gawin at hindi sa labas na gaya ng kanilang ginagawa ngayon. Ito ang dahilan kaya sama-sama tayong lahat sa paglalantad ng mga maling gawain sa Iglesia sa layuning magkaroon ng pagbabago at ito ay maibalik sa kaayusan at kabanalan (restoration). Ang dahilan ng mga nagsusulong ng “separation” ay, “the services they (the OWES) do is an abomination … (thus) members should get out of the untrue and the abominable.” Totoong maraming mga ministro at mga kaanib na OWE ang “untrue” at ang kanilang mga gawain ay “abominable” o kasuklam-suklam, subalit ang Iglesiang katawan ni Cristo ay namamalaging “true” o tunay at hindi kasuklam-suklam sa Diyos sapagkat ito ay nilinis ng dugo ni Cristo. The premise they use to justify their action is extremely faulty, unscriptural and dangerous. Faulty, because the abomination of the OWE ministers and members does not necessarily render the only true Church false. For hundreds of years, Israel was led by many evil leaders and kings many of whom have tried to mislead the Israelites, but they remained as God’s chosen people until the time that the whole Israel turned away from God. Tandaan natin ang doktrina na ang Iglesia ay ang “kulungan” ng mga tupa. Ang kumukulong sa mga tupa ay ang mga aral ng Diyos. Bagamat maraming mga tupa na nailigaw (owe members) ng mga “upahang pastol” (OWE ministers) ay di nangangahulugan na ang kulungan ay wala nang kabuluhan at lahat ng naiwang mga tupa sa loob ng kulungan ay dapat na ring palabasin. Ang itinuturo ng grupong ito na ang buong Iglesia ay naitalikod na ay “unscriptural,” sapagkat ito ay tahasang paglabag sa doktrinang itinuro ng Sugo, ang Kapatid na Felix Y. Manalo, at ng Kapatid na Eraño G. Manalo. Nakasulat sa mga hula ng Biblia na ang Iglesia Ni Cristo ang huling grupo o bahagi ng Iglesia, (wala nang ika-apat), na aabutan na ng Araw ng Paghuhukom kaya hindi na ito matatalikod (Zech. 13:7-9; Gawa 2:39; Apoc. 14:12-15). Ito ang dahilan kaya maging ang grupong ito ng mga tinatawag na mga “defenders” ay dating bukang bibig ang katagang “Restoration” subalit ngayon, sa aminin man nila o hindi, ay hinihikayat na nila ang kanilang mga kasama at ang iba pang mga kaanib na humiwalay (separation). Ito ay “dangerous” sa mga napapaniwala (nadaya) nila sapagkat ang pagsunod sa maling aral ay mangangahulugan ng kapahamakan sa Araw ng Paghuhukom.

Kaya raw kailangan ang live na pagsamba na may kalakip na salaping handog at pagbabasbas ay dahil kulang raw at di maituturing na pagsamba sa Diyos o pagtitipon ang ginagawang EGM ng mga defenders kung wala ang mga ito. Mali ba ang sinabi ng mga apostol sa I Cor. 14:26 at 15 na ang pagkakatipon ay binubuo ng pag-awit, pananalangin, at pagtuturo ng mga salita ng Diyos? Ang nakakatulad ng ating pagsamba ngayon ay ang pagsamba ng mga kauna-unahang lingkod ng Diyos na bagamat walang handog na salapi ay may handog naman sila na mga hayop na susunugin. Ang atin namang handog ngayon ay ang ating sarili na buhay at kaaya-aya “na siyang katampatan nating pagsamba” sa Diyos (Roma 12:1). Hindi man itinataas ng ministro ang kaniyang mga kamay sa pangangasiwa ng EGM ay tinatanggap pa rin ng mga dumadalo ang basbas ng Diyos lalo na sa panahon ng pananalangin at ito’y pinatutunayan ng malakas Niyang kapangyarihan na nararanasan ng mga dumadalo.

Sa pamamagitan ng artikulong ito ay


Sinasampalatayanan namin na ang Diyos ang magbibigay wakas sa mga masasamang lider nito at sa kanilang masasamang mga gawa upang ang Iglesia ay maibalik sa kaayusan at kabanalan. Sumasampalataya rin kami na itinulot ng Diyos na malagay kami sa ganitong kalagayan na itinakuwil ng kasalukuyang pamamahala upang pangalagaan ang mga  tunay na defenders upang sila ay mamalaging masunurin at namumuhay ng ayon sa mga aral ng Diyos at pagdating ng araw na ang Iglesia ay maibalik na sa kaayusan at kabanalan ay pangungunahan namin ang mga tunay na defenders na itinakuwil ng kasalukuyang pamamahala sa pagbabalik sa tunay na Iglesia upang patuloy na maghanda para sa kaligtasan.

 Sa lahat ng mga “silent defenders,” hindi po namin kayo hinihikayat na kusang humiwalay sa Iglesia. Hinihikayat namin kayong ipagsanggalang ang Iglesia sa paraang manindigan kayo sa tama at huwag sumunod sa maling itinuturo ng mga naligaw na ministro. Kung kayo’y itiwalag at alisin sa talaan ng Iglesia dahil sa inyong paninindigan, so be it. Sampalatayanan ninyong iyon ay itinulot na ng Diyos gayunpaman, hindi Siya ang nagtiwalag sa inyo sapagkat labag sa Kaniyang aral na ang itiwalag sa Iglesia o alisin sa talaan ay ang naninindigan sa tama at sumasalungat sa masama I Cor. 5:13  Ang dapat alisin o itiwalag ay ang gumagawa ng masama. Dahil dito, manalig kayo na hindi Niya kayo pababayaan.

 Sa lahat ng mga defenders, maging matiyaga tayo at huwag mawawalan ng pag-asa. Ang pakikibaka natin sa kasamaang naghahari sa Iglesia ay gawain ng Diyos kaya ilagak natin sa Kaniya ang ating lubos na pagtitiwala. Inaasahan Niya na ipagsasanggalang natin ang Iglesia kaya patuloy natin na ilalantad ang masasamang ginagawa ng mga ministro at mga kaanib na OWE na sumisira sa Iglesia subalit huwag tayong pumayag na ito ay mauwi sa paghiwalay o pagtatatag ng panibagong Iglesia. KAAWAAN NAWA NG ATING PANGINOONG DIYOS ANG ATING MGA KALULUWA.



Most of those who know me are aware of the fact that I avoid indulging in social media especially when it involves bashing each other and accusations against me. Nevertheless, there are defenders who truly care and send me screen shots of FB postings that intend to malign me. As far as I remember, there was only one instance that I was forced to answer allegations primarily the accusation that I am a “mole” planted by the Central administration to sow division among the defenders. Although there were bashers who did not stop immediately, I decided to ignore them for I considered it sufficient  that I was already able to expose the truth and nothing but the truth. With God’s help, many were enlightened by my answer and the false accusations slowly died down until the H20 issue became a hot issue, with the same group of the so-called defenders accusing me of wanting to destroy the H20 fund. Perhaps, it is because before this issue came out, I have told those handling the H20 fund not to campaign for it during the online devotional prayers because many attendees feel that as if they are attending the worship services officiated by Owe ministers who relentlessly campaign for monetary offerings. I also told them that using 36 TS in asking for donations will create a ripple among the defenders and will be used by the OWES to accuse the TS occupants of being behind the solicitation campaign. Likewise, I told them that although I don’t want to get involved with the fund raising, there is a need for them to be transparent in handling it and that it would help their campaign if they will at least provide me with the information on how and where the fund is being used so that I can assure the donors that everything is alright. But instead of heeding my advice, they began to question my intention telling everyone in their group chat that I should not ask for a report on the expenses claiming and spreading an issue that the “siblings” themselves are the ones auditing it. Nevertheless, I decided not to answer back and even told the defenders not to get involved with the issue and and answer back the accusations. Thus, the main purpose of this article is neither to prolong the H20 fund issue nor to defend myself from accusations, but to discuss a more pressing subject that once not addressed will truly endanger the souls of many defenders.

In one of the FB postings of Liezl Diaz Deocampo, she said, “It’s time for us to leave the OWE Church behind (referring to the INC) and (to) move on to the true service expected from us by our Lord and by our God.” In one of their text blasts, they said: “It is better for the defenders to leave OWE because their worship service is abomination to God.” This is what the ministers leading them have all along been spreading, be it in their live worship services or in establishing them, and even in their FB postings. They claim that this message is an “instruction” given to them.


If what they claim is true, why is there a glaring difference between the “instruction” and what they actually say? Why is there no mention of “Church” after the word OWE in the instruction yet in their postings they emphasize that the defenders and members should leave the Church behind? What they’re doing is equivalent to apostasy. Their long cry for Church restoration has become separation from the Church. If they insist that they are still after the restoration of the Church, then they have given a new meaning to the word. Restoration (which means to repair or renovate) should be done to the Church or inside and not outside it. This is the reason we used to be united in exposing the wickedness in the Church because we all wanted changes for the Church to be restored. The reason they give for openly advocating separation is that, “the services they (the OWES) do is an abomination … (thus) members should get out of the untrue and the abominable.” Indeed, many church leaders, ministers and members are untrue and their works are abominable, but the Church which is Christ’s body remains true and clean in the sight of God having been cleansed by Christ’s blood. The premise they use to justify their action is extremely faulty, unscriptural and dangerous. Faulty, because the abomination of the OWE ministers and members does not necessarily render the only true Church false. For hundreds of years, Israel was led by evil leaders and kings who tried to mislead the Israelites, but they remained as God’s chosen people until the time that the whole Israel turned away from Him. We need to remember the doctrine that the Church is the fold or the sheep pen and what enfold the sheep are the words of God. Although there are now many “lost sheep” (the owes) led astray by their shepherds who are “hirelings” (owe ministers), it does not mean that the fold or the sheep pen has lost its value and that the remaining sheep within should be led or driven outside. What this group claim that the whole Church has been turned away from God is “unscriptural” because it goes against the doctrine of God taught by God’s last messenger, Brother Felix Y. Manalo and by Brother Eraño G. Manalo. It is written in the prophecies that the Iglesia Ni Cristo is the third group or the last of the three groups (no more 4th group) that will comprise the whole Church, thus, it will last until Judgment Day and will no longer be turned away (Zech. 13:7-9; Acts 2:39; Rev. 14:12-15). This is they reason, even the said group of defenders used to advocate restoration but now, whether they accept it or not, promotes separation. “Dangerous” indeed, because the members they have convinced (or deceived) are in danger of eternal destruction on the Day of Judgment.

They say that “Live worship service” with monetary offerings and benediction is needed because our EGMs lack these portions, thus, could not be considered a true worship or meeting of true Christians. Does it mean then that the apostles were wrong in teaching that the true Christian meeting is composed of hymn singing, prayers and preaching of God’s words (I Cor. 14:26 & 15)? Our worship of God now is like the worship rendered by the very first servants of God who did not have monetary offering yet had unblemished animals offered in their worship of God. Because of our present situation and condition, we offer to Him “our bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God—which is (our) spiritual worship” (Rom. 12:1). We, the ministers, may have not been raising our hands for benediction during our EGMs but we receive God’s blessings especially during our prayers as evidenced by the outpouring of His immense power felt by the attendees.


We firmly believe that it is God who will put an end to these wicked leaders and their wicked deeds to restore the Church. We also believe that the reason God allowed us to be displaced by the present Church administration is for us ministers to take care of the spiritual welfare of the true defenders and see to it that they remain obedient and live by God’s teachings so that when the time of restoration has come, we will lead them back to the true Church to continuously prepare for salvation.

To all “silent defenders,” we do not enjoin you to separate from the Church but to defend it by means of standing by what is right and to never follow instructions from evil ministers that go against the true doctrines we have received. If you will be delisted or expelled by them for defending and standing by the truth, so be it. Believe that God allowed it to happen, however, it wasn’t Him who expelled or delisted you because it is against His law to expel those who expose the wicked and the wickedness, but only those who are evil, I Cor. 5:13. Thus, believe that He will never forsake you.  

To all defenders, be patient and never lose hope. Our struggle against the wickedness in the Church belongs to God, thus, we should put our complete trust in Him. He expects us to defend the Church which is why we should continue to expose the works of darkness that destroys the Church committed by the OWE ministers and members but we should never allow our actions to lead us to separation or to establishment of a separate Church. MAY OUR LORD GOD HAVE MERCY ON OUR SOULS. 


– Isaias T. Samson Jr.




Kapansin-pansin na nitong nakaraang ilang araw ay isang “lumang recording” tungkol sa naging sagot ko sa isang nagtanong sa meet and greet portion ng EGM ang ipinakalat ng isang Iglesia ni Cristo facebook account. OK na po sana kung ang record lang ng tanong at sagot ang kanilang inilabas, subalit ang kapansin-pansin ay ang kanilang paunang komentaryo na ang layunin ay dayain ang makababasa lalo na ang hindi na mag-aabalang makinig sa mismong recording. Sa timing pa lang ng pagpo-post ng naturang recording ay kaduda-duda na. Ang ini-record nilang pag-uusap kung hindi ako nagkakamali, ay noon pang September 2015 subalit pagkalipas pa ng maraming buwan nila ito inilabas. Sa ugali nilang mapang-espiya at mapanira, kung noon pa man ay may napuna na silang mali sa aking naging sagot, ay tiyak na hindi na nila pagtatagalin pa ang paglalabas nito. Marami akong maaaring banggitin na katunayan ng ugali nilang pagbaluktot sa katotohanan, subalit sa pagkakataong ito, ay dalawang halimbawa  na lamang ang aking ibibigay. Una, bagamat alam na alam nila na ang RTC fund ay para sa gastusin ng mga gawain ng mga defenders ay pilit nilang itinanim sa isipan ng mga kapatid na ito raw ang katunayan na nagtatag na kami ng sariling Iglesia. Ikalawa, ang pagbulusok ng abuluyan sa Iglesia ay dahil daw sa pinagbabawalan namin ang mga kapatid na mag-abuloy ng malaki kahit alam nila at ng nakararami na ito ay isang uri ng “protesta” ng mga kapatid dahil sa nakikita nilang mga anomalya sa Iglesia.

Ngayong nakapag-isip na sila (ang bagal naman) kung paano nila babaluktutin ang kanilang ini-record na usapan ay ipinasya nilang ilabas na ito. Isa-isahin po natin ang kanilang pandaraya:

  1. Nang tanungin daw ako “ukol sa mag-asawang natiwalag na sa INC pero gustong maihandog ang kanilang anak ay hindi (raw ako) makasagot, bagkus ang ginawa (ko) na lamang ay tumawa at magbiro.”
  1. Nang ako ay tanungin kung ano ang batayan sa Biblia, sinabi ko na hindi pinagtitibay sa langit ang pagtitiwalag sa mga defenders subalit wala daw akong maibigay kundi “nagpalusot” na lang daw ako na basahin na lang ang isang artikulo sa Ito raw ay nagpapatunay na ang aming mga sinasabi ay “batay lamang sa opinyon o kuro-kuro at hindi sa nakasulat sa Biblia.” Kung hindi raw pinagtitibay sa langit ang pagkakatiwalag sa akin ay dapat daw na pangasiwaan ko ang paghahandog sa bata? Ito raw ay katibayan na hindi na kami bahagi ng tunay na INC.

SAGOT: Kaawa-awa po ang mga nag-post ng mga ito dahil dalawa lang ang kahulugan nito: Hindi sila marunong umunawa o ayaw talaga nilang unawain ang kanilang mga ipino-post dahil labis na silang nakubabawan ng kanilang “amang” sinungaling at ng kanilang layunin na patuloy na dayain ang mga kapatid.

Totoong ako’y nagbiro sa layuning pagaanin ang damdamin ng mga kapatid na labis nilang inapi subalit ito ay hindi nangangahulugan na “hindi ako makasagot.” Kung pinakinggan lang nilang mabuti at inunawa ang recording ay hayag na hayag na sinagot ko ang katanungan. Ang pagsasabi ko na basahin na lang ng mga kapatid ang isang artikulo tungkol sa expulsion na ipinost sa Incsilent Nomore na sinundan ko pa ng pagsasabing naroroon ang mga sagot na talata, ay katunayan na nasagot ang katanungan sa maikling kaparaanan upang mabigyan ng pagkakataon ang iba na makapagsalita. Kaya ang aking sagot ay hindi isang opinyon o kuro-kuro. Ang OPINYON ay ang sinabi nilang hindi ko raw nasagot ang katanungan.

Ang hamon nila na ihandog ko ang bata kung totoong hindi pinagtitibay sa langit ang pagkakatiwalag sa akin (at sa mga kasama kong ministro), at kung hindi raw, ito ay katibayan na hindi na kami bahagi ng tunay na INC, ay isa pa ring uri ng pagliligaw sa mga inosente at isa  na namang pain o bitag na gusto nilang gamitin laban sa amin. Isa itong pagliligaw sa mga inosente sapagkat kung ginagamit lang nila ang kanilang isip ay naunawaan sana nila na ibang-iba ang situwasyon ng mga defenders ngayon sa dati nilang situwasyon noong sila ay hindi pa itinitiwalag at pinag-uusig. Kung bakit ay sapagkata ang EGM ay ginagawa sa pamamagitan ng ZOOM meeting at hindi namin kilala kung sino-sino ang dumadalo roon at kung nasaan silang bahagi ng daigdig. Ang hamon nila ay isang pain o bitag laban sa amin upang kung gawin namin ito o ang iba pang mga gawaing pang-Iglesia ay magamit nilang “patotoo” sa kanilang paratang na kami ay humiwalay na sa INC o nagtatag na ng sariling Iglesia.

Katunayan, ang ginagawa naming EGM na pilit nilang binabantayan at sinisira ay matagal na nilang ginagamit na “patotoo” na nagtatag na nga raw kami ng sariling Iglesia dahil may sarili na kaming “pagsamba” na “katulad” ng ginagawa sa loob ng Iglesia. Ito ay sa kabila ng katotohanan na ang EGM ay walang kalakip na handugan, doxologia, pagbabasbas, at iba pa, kundi pag-awit lamang ng ilang bilang, pananalangin, at pagpapaala-ala sa mga dumadalo ng mga aral na tinanggap ng tunay na Iglesia mula sa Sugo ng Diyos sa mga huling araw.

Bakit hindi ang pag-ukulan nila ng pansin at puna ay ang mga itinuturong leksiyon sa EGMs? Dahil ba sa alam nilang walang mali sa mga itinuturo sa EGM sapagkat ang mga yaon ay nakasalig sa mga aral ng Diyos na nakasulat sa Bibilia na itinuro mismo ng Sugo ng Diyos sa mga huling araw?

Ang bawat hakbang na kanilang ginagawa ay pawang desperate move. Ang katulad nila ay taong nahulog sa kumunoy na habang kumikilos ay lalong lumulubog. Idalangin na lang natin sa Diyos na wala na silang mahila pang mga kapatid sa kinalugmukan nilang kumunoy.

Narito ang bahagi ng naturang artikulo tungkol sa pagtitiwalag


All members of the Church dread the thought of being expelled, because to us, it is equivalent to death sentence and worse. What with all the expulsions, left and right being imposed by the members of the Sanggunian, who will not be scared and intimidated? Although I have touched on this subject in the past and in my very recent blog, let me remind you of what is truly written in the Bible. The Bible says in I Cor. 5:13, “Remove the evil person from your group.” No doubt that the “evil person” expelled from the Church are also expelled in heaven as Christ Himself testified to in Matthew 18:18. We also believe that he who does not remain until the end will not be saved, instead, will suffer the eternal condemnation. Unfortunately, like what the false prophets did after the death of the apostles, the members of the Sanggunian began to distort the implementation of this doctrine to sow fear in the hearts of the faithful. Anyone accused of questioning the rampant corruption they commit will readily be punished and expelled, reminiscent of the dark ages when any person accused of heresy, was readily sentenced to die at the stake. Well, at least many of those who were sentenced to die undeniably went against the ruling faith during that time. But how about now?

Many of those who were expelled did not go against any of the doctrine of the Church. Many of them were officers (like the Vasquez family in Long Beach, Ca.), very active members and supporters of the Church until the time they were expelled. For what reason were they expelled? For asking questions about the corruptions they hear and sometimes witness being committed by the Sanggunian members today. Since when, and where in the Bible does it say that asking questions for the purpose of knowing the truth, thus, avoid weakening in the faith, became a grievous sin punishable by expulsion? As ministers of God(?) administering the Church, they are commanded and expected by Him to lovingly and patiently show their concern for His people. In Ezek. 34:16, God requires the leaders of His people “to look for those that are lost, bring back those that wander off, bandage those that are hurt, and heal those that are sick.” But sad to say, the only portion of this divine instruction that the Sanggunian members consistently and are so eager to execute is “to look for those that are lost.” They do it not to bring the lost back by explaining and proving to them that the alleged corruptions are not true, but to interrogate and intimidate them, then force them to admit their “guilt” to serve as basis for their expulsion. What these Sanggunian members are doing are obviously against the teachings of God. THEIR ACTIONS AND DECISIONS ARE NOT SANCTIONED BY GOD because His doctrine is crystal clear: “Remove theevil person from your group.”

“REMOVE THE EVIL PERSON FROM YOUR GROUP.” To ask question and look for an answer is not evil. Even King David asked questions to God as if he was blaming Him for his predicaments, but his questions were not counted against him by God. To point out and report the corruptions committed by the Sanggunian members is not evil in God’s sight. It is not an act of going against the Church Administration as the Sanggunian members allege and insist. Rather, it is an act of protecting and defending the Church and the Administration from ministers who are not serving Christ but their own belly. Ministers who are in high places and powerful, corrupting not only the finances of the Church but even the doctrines and rules taught and implemented in the Church from the time of Brother Felix Y. Manalo. Like the lying spies sent by Joshua to Jericho, these conniving ministers are not truthful to our beloved Executive Minister. They are trying to keep him in the dark by telling him that everything is alright when in fact they know that ministers and members of the Church are now heavy ladened and complaining because of the heavy yet unnecessary weight they continuously placed upon their shoulders such as selling tickets, t-shirts, and other forms of memorabilia. They tell our beloved leader that there are millions of people joining the Church when in reality those whom they claim are joining the Church were told to sign the R3-01 forms in exchange for goody bags and their number is far from millions.