Despite The Wayward Leaders Our Love For The True Church Should Not Fade

The Iglesia Ni Cristo in these last days will never be turned away from the faith.
The Ecclesiastical Group Meeting (EGM) is a gathering of those who love the Iglesia Ni Cristo and those who uphold the true words of God and worship Him.

We admonish the wrong teachings of those who call themselves defenders,  specifically the group of incsilentnomore  or their live gatherings and online (zoom) meetings; the so-called group prayer meeting -gpm )
The intent of the EGM is not to establish a new Church, but to help and nourish the souls of the brethren who were oppressed and expelled by the present church administration of the Iglesia Ni Cristo.
EGM has nothing to do with or no association with this group whatsoever or its postings on YouTube, Facebook and articles or blogs.
 Hence, we kindly remind the brethren to be cautious, because their actions are against the Iglesia Ni Cristo that could result in damaging the doctrine that we received from the Last Messenger of God in these last days.
 ~ For  more info  you may send your email to [email protected]